St.Joseph’s College Moolamattom has a research culture among Faculty members and students. Out of 28 permanent teachers 18 are Ph.D holders and among these three are Post Docs. Others are actively participating in research activities. On an average, 30 research articles are published in peer reviewed journals annually. College has its own interdisciplinary research book with ISBN number entitled Josephine Researcher. The Department of Chemistry has a well-established research center with sophisticated instrumentation facilities established on 2005 (UO No. ACAIV/2/529/RC/2004 dated 5/2/2005) and affiliated to mahatma Gandhi University Kottayam, Kerala. So far, five PhDs are produced from the research centre. Among the faculty members, three are approved research guides in the domains of Chemistry and Sports Science. Dr. Mathew Kuruvila, Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, St.Thomas College, Ranni is also serving as research guide in chemistry in this Centre. 11 Minor Research Projects had been successfully completed by the faculties funded by UGC.

Research centre in Chemistry

Retired/Expired Research guides

  • Dr.Siby Joseph
  • Dr.George V.Thomas
  • Dr.Ebey P.Koshy

Research guides

  • Dr. Mathew Kuruvilla
  • Dr. Jose James

Ph.Ds Awarded

  • Dr.Saju M.Sebastian
  • Dr.Jose James
  • Dr.Sr.Sijo Francis
  • Dr.Femina K.S
  • Dr.Anjaly Mathew


  • International peer-reviewed articles :50
  • International Books (Edited):2
  • International Book chapters -15
  • Josephine Researcher-An Interdisciplinary National Research Journal: 4 volumes
  • Josephine Researcher V' and 'Throbs 2021'

Facilities offered

  • Thermogravimetric analyzer-Perkin Elmer STA 6000
  • UV spectrophotometer-Schimadzu UV-1800
  • Magnetic susceptibility balance-Sherwood
  • FT-IR spectrophotometer-Perkin Elmer spectrum two

Research scholars

Name of Research Guide Name of Research Scholar
Dr.Ebey Koshy Neenu George
Sona John
Anjana VN

Research in Physical Education

Rev. Dr. Thomas George CMI, Head and Associate Professor, Department of Physical Education is an approved research guide in School of physical education and sports science, MG University Kottayam with effect from 13/08/2018.

Name of Research Guide Name of Research Scholar
Rev. Dr. Thomas George CMI Archana Shaji
Deena Joseph Arakkal
Sobhana KR Gopu M Vijayan