The College Governing Body comprising of the Manager, Financial Administrator and the Office Superintendent in consultation with the IQAC makes policies for the maintenance and augmentation of physical, academic and support facilities. The custodian of each facility runs regular quality checks and carries out timely maintenance to ensure the smooth run of the College.

Lab equipments are regularly examined and repaired to ensure performance and accuracy. Maintenance funds procured from State/Central Governments and the UGC are utilized for the upkeep of specified items. The maintenance expenses that are not specified above are met by the Management and PTA. Electrically sensitive equipments are provided with necessary back up to ensure steady functioning and to safeguard against voltage fluctuations. In case of disruption in power supply, the diesel generator having a capacity of 20KVA functions as the substitute source. Users register is maintained in the Research Lab to book and use instruments and these are to be used only in the proximity of a supervisor.