With the starting of the College in 1981 with two pre-degree batches in the arts stream Rev. Fr. Joseph Kuzhichalil CMI was appointed as the lecturer in Economics. In 1982 Mr. K A Thomas was appointed as the lecturer in Economics. In 1983 when Fr. Joseph Kuzhichalil CMI went to K E College Mannanam, Mr. K C Jacob was appointed as a junior lecturer in the Department. In 1993, BA Economics was started in the College and in 1995 Mr. Justine Joseph and Mr. T T Michael joined as lecturers in the Economics Department. In 1995 Mr. T T Michael joined as a lecturer at Devamatha College Kuruvilangad and in that vacancy Mr. Pramod Joseph was appointed. Prof. K A Thomas and Dr. K C Jacob retired from service in 2014 and 2015 respectively. Mr. Jobin Joy works as a guest lecturer in the Department from 2015 onwards. At present there are three teachers working in the Department – two permanent and one guest faculty.
An Economics Association functions with the objective of nurturing the extracurricular activities of the students of Economics. An alumni meeting is conducted on December 26 every year and the members participate in the meeting with great enthusiasm.